Padel on the Beach - Outdoor sport - En recreatiecentrum Middelkerke - Westende
Padel on the beach

Padel on the beach is gestart in 2015 op het strand van Middelkerke (vandaar de clubnaam) met 2 mobiele courts tijdens de zomermaanden. Sedert 20 juli 2016 hebben wij een vaste stek aan het Rauschenbergplein te Westende-Bad.

U kan bij ons terecht voor Padel (3 dubbelcourts, 1 enkelcourt), tennis (2 courts) en speedminton.

Tijdens de vakanties zal ook regelmatig kinderacademy (knutselen, dansen , padel....) georganiseerd worden. Volg regelmatig ons programma.

Iederren is welkom op ons ruim zonneterras op 50 m van zee.

Wij zijn gelegen vlakbij de tramhalte -Westende-Bad

BELGIUM PADEL BEL 1000 tornooi

€ 1.000 prize money

- Qualifications: Sat 1, Sun 2 July 2017
- Final draw: Sat 8 et Sun 9 July 2017
From 9AM to 22PM (from 18PM on Friday)

- BEL1000 (1000 points in the ranking)
- Double Men A (B and C will be placed in pre-quali or quali)
- Double Women A (B and C will be placed in pre-quali or quali)
- Players should be affiliated to Padel Vlaanderen or the Association Francophone de Padel. Please, verify with your club.

- 15 € per player to be paid before first match

- According to the number of teams registered and logistical aspects, the organizors will priviledge one system or another: Set to 9 games with tie-break or 2 sets with Long tie-break for the third set, other.
- Direct elimination or Round Robin
- One category with progressive draw/groups (C to B to A)
- New Balls are provided for each match from Round 16 in the Final Draw
- Draws will be made by Judge Referee on the 28th of June 2017 at 18.00, with a supervisor from Padel Belgium
- Schedules are not changeable. We ask for your flexibility. The organizors will do their best to respect your availabilities (communicated at registration) to provide you with an ideal and clear schedule of play.
- 4 Teams seeded or more will be directly placed in the Final Draw. All Seeds are given according to the belgian ranking. The Federation has the possibility to assimilate players by giving extra points/ranking.
- Players/teams must be present 20 minutes before the schedule of their match, and meet with Judge Referee
- In case of difficult weather conditions or logistical issues, the organizors have the right to change the schedule, location or format of the Match.

PRIZE MONEY (1000 euros)
• Winners: 160€/person
• Finalists: 80€/person
• Semi-Finalists: 30€/person

• Winners: 100€/person
• Finalists: 50€/person
• Semi-Finalists: 25€/person


-Registration in www.setteo.com
-Provide in Setteo: Full names and at least one GSM.
-More info contact us at: info@padelonthebeach.be